What is mail merge?

Mail merge is a process of generating multiple personalized documents from a single document template and a structured data source. For years now, mail merge has been considered a strictly offline process but with the rise of cloud computing, online mail merge solutions are appearing.

What is DocBlender?

DocBlender mail merge platform is one of those solutions. With its simple and intuitive user interface, it is designed for non-technical users in mind. It doesn't need any complicated setups, expensive licenses, or coding skills. With it, anyone can generate personalized documents with ease. To show this simplicity, DocBlender provides a free mail merge web application. You can use it without registration.

The following sections describe how to mail merge using this free mail merge app.


The process starts with a template so the first thing you need to do is to upload your template file.

Template page
Template page

Drag and drop the file onto a designated area, or click on it to show the open file dialog and select the template file. Supported file formats are DOCX (Microsoft Word) and TXT (plain text).

Upload template dialog
Load template dialog

Once you have selected a template file, click Next to upload it. If successful, you will be taken to the Data page.

Data source

The data page is where you upload your data source file.

Data page
Data page

Same as on the Template page, you can drag and drop your data file, or select it via open file dialog. Supported file formats are XLSX (Microsoft Excel) and CSV (comma-separated values).

Once you have selected a data file, click Next to upload it or Back to go back to the Template page. If upload is successful, you will be taken to the Options page.


On the options page you can select the output format for generated documents.

Options page
Options page

Currently, DocBlender free application supports PDF, DOCX, and TXT output formats. Generated files will be named the same as the template file with the document index appended (e.g. DocBlenderTemplate_1.pdf).

Once done, click Merge to start merging. You will be taken to the Merge page


On this last page you can see the merge progress.

Merge page
Merge page

Once the process is completed your merged documents will be downloaded as a ZIP package.

Merge completed
Merge completed

That's it! You have completed your mail merge. You can click New Merge to start the new mail merge process.

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