Generating multiple personalized documents with DocBlender is very easy. With its simple user interface anyone can perform mail merge in three easy steps.
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1. Template

First you need to upload a template file. It can be a Word (DOCX, DOC), Excel (XLSX, XLS), or PDF file.

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2. Data

Next, you need to upload a data file. Most common formats are CSV, and Excel (XLSX, XLS).

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3. Output

Lastly, select the output format and location, and start the mail merge process. Depending on which output location option you selected, once completed, generated documents will be downloaded to your computer, sent to Google Drive or emailed.


  • Easy to use - DocBlender was created with non-technical users in mind. With its simple and intuitive user interface, anyone can create multiple personalized documents with ease.
  • Extensive file format support - DocBlender supports all major file formats like DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, and CSV. In addition, it also supports older office formats (DOC, XLS, PPT), images (PNG, JPEG), and many more.
  • Multiple output location options - You can choose between remote or local options. If that doesn't satisfy you can simply download or email the documents once they are generated. DocBlender supports all major cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • DocBlender API - Do you want to integrate DocBlender's functionality into your applications? No problem. Just use DocBlender's simple yet powerful REST API.
  • Multiple users - There is no need for sharing your username and password with your colleagues. DocBlender supports multiple users working on the same documents.
  • Flexible pricing options - You can select between two pricing models, pay-per-use or monthly subscription.


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